Sharina Live on Stage at Sydney RSL

Sharina Live on Stage at Sydney RSL

Sharina Live on Stage at Sydney RSL

Sharina Live: Amazing on the radio every Sunday night, astounding us with her predictions, Sharia is also brilliant live on stage. Here’s just a small piece of her recent lunch at Sydney RSL, a sneak peak at what she does.

Sharina's Weekly Stars

Sharina's Stars on 2UE Listen here to what the week ahead may have in store for you with Sharina's Stars July 27th.

Sharina's Tarot Wheel Stars

Sharina's Tarot Stars on 2UE Sharina's Tarot Wheel Stars is a chance to find out what may be in store for you each week from Sharina's Psychic Encounters.

Sharina's Colours & Numbers

Sharina's Colours and Numbers on 2UE Sharina reads your lucky tips, numbers and feng shui numerology for the week of July 27th.

Photos: Psychic Encounters Shows

Sharina entertains audiences at her Psychic Encounters show Sharina is regularly out and about with her incredible Psychic Encounters stage show. Click here to have a look at recent photos of Sharina performing her amazing work.

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