New Opal Card for seniors travel

New Opal Card for seniors travel

New Gold Opal card for Seniors

Opal Card: Seniors and pensioners are being encouraged to get an Opal public transport card. Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian on Gold Opal cards $2.50 all-day travel available from next Monday. More...

Men now reluctant to help kids?

Why men are now reluctant to help kids Reluctant to Help: Stuart Bocking on new research 1 in 4 Australian men (23%) will not help your lost child because society now questions the intent of any man speaking to an unknown child. More...

Northern Beaches hospital plans

Plans released for the Northern Beaches Hospital Northern Beaches Hospital: Premier Mike Baird and Health Minister Jillian Skinner announced Healthscope has been chosen to design, build, operate and maintain the new Northern Beaches Hospital. More...

First homeowner scheme ripped off?

Real Estate in Sydney How schemes are being rorted: A seven fold increase in operations by mobile speed cameras has brought about a huge lift in revenue. Does it help pay for the first homeowner buyers scheme rip offs? Hear More...

Domestic violence paid leave call

Domestic violence against women is a huge concern Paid Leave: The ACTU want 10 days of paid domestic violence leave for permanent staff. Stuart Bocking with Karen Wills on just how a scheme like this would work. And is there a need for it? Have Your Say...

Kids more distracting than mobiles?

Are kids more distracting to drivers than mobiles? Driver Distraction: Stuart Bocking speaks with Prof. Alex Steel, who has published research which suggests using a mobile phone whilst driving was less distracting than tasks such as interacting with children. More...

Excise lift: Petrol prices set to rise

Can Sydney survive the petrol crisis? Petrol Price Rise: The price of petrol will rise next month as the Abbott government increases the tax excise. Stuart Bocking reveals it will generate $2.2b in revenue and cost households an extra 40 cents a week. More...

How to attract the perfect partner?

Millionaire Matchmaker: what are the secrets? Millionaire Matchmaker: Trudy Gilbert has released her book 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker. What are the secrets? Todd McKenny & Stuart Bocking on what advice she may have to attract the perfect partner? More...

Wendy Matthews: Campfire Festival

Stuart & Todd speak with songstress Wendy Matthews on 2UE Song Bird: Wendy Matthews is part of the stellar line up of artists appearing at the 2015 Campfire Festival 13th – 15th March at Hope Estate, Pokolbin. Stuart Bocking and Todd McKenny catch up with the songstress. More...

Greens Grinch against Christmas

Matthew Robertson is a Greens Grinch? Bah Humbug: Matthew Robertson is a Greens Councillor at Woollahra and is arguing the case against Christmas being celebrated in the area. Stuart Bocking in a gob-smacking interview with a Christmas grinch. More...

The lone wolf: who is watching?

The threat of home grown terrorism is growing? Insidious Serpents: So many extremist are now on our watch list, how much watching is going on? Stuart Bocking on the fears one lone wolf gunman can cause so much terror as we come to grips with a new era of war. More...

Pyrmont bridge shared path dangers

Pyrmont bridge shared path dangers for pedestrians Shared Path Dangers: Cyclists ride at breakneck speeds across Pyrmont Bridge, which is a shared path with pedestrians. Stuart Bocking questions if there is something that can be done to slow cyclists down? More...

Walking again: the stem cell miracle

Stem cell therapy has a man walking again Spinal Injury: A Polish paraplegic is walking again after having stem cells injected into his spine. Stuart Bocking asks if this is just the beginning of finding a treatment (or a cure) for other forms of paralysis? Hear More...

Equip police with video cameras

Equip front line police with video cameras CCTV: Stuart Bocking looks at the call for all front-line police officers to be equipped with body mounted video cameras. Surprisingly, Scott Weber reveals it is being supported by the Civil Liberties council. Hear More...

Malcolm Fraser's tribute to Gough

Former Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Former PM Tribute: Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser speaks with Stuart Bocking about the tribulations and triumphs of Gough Whitlam as the two battled for power during the political times of the 70's. Hear More...

Who deserved their shonky award

Who deserved their shonky award for 2014? Shonky Awards: The Choice Shonky Awards were announced last week. What can major companies do to avoid making the list? Todd McKenny and Stuart Bocking discuss all the losers, and the lemons. Hear More...

Not enough jobs for uni grads?

Are universities churning out too many students? University Graduation: Are there too many university graduates and not enough jobs? Stuart Bocking on the huge amount of people without a job despite a university degree. How can students earn and learn? More...

Sydney's hammerhead crane gone

The iconic hammerhead crane has now disappeared Icon: The hammerhead crane at Garden Island has been demolished over the last 4 months, marking the end of an industrial icon of the harbour city. Stuart Bocking looks at the history of what is now scrap metal. More...

Dick Johnson: Ford to stay in V8's

Dick Johnson says Ford is here to stay with V8's Motor Rivalry: V8 Supercar officials have been told Ford will officially quit the sport at the end of the year, ending the legendary Ford-Holden rivalry. But, Dick Johnson tells Stuart Bocking Ford is here to stay. More...

Push to ban preachers of hate

ISIS flag auctioned off at a Sydney mosque Banning Free Speech: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has condemned a preacher who has failed to publicly denounce ISIS militants. Stuart Bocking on the push to ban "preachers of hate" coming to Australia. More...

Moving into full time work

Mixed reaction to changes to work for the dole scheme Full Time Work: The ACTU are pushing to convert long term casual employees to permanent status. Business isn't too happy about the move, but as Stuart Bocking explains, it's not entirely without merit. More...

Bill paying easier if often?

Sydney set to be slugged for gas? Bill Relief: The cost of living keeps increasing, but many find paying bills a little each week more helpful. Stuart Bocking on Origin Energy giving customers the option to pay bills weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. More...

Alco locks to stop drink drivers

Beware driving the next day after a big drinking night out Drink Drivers: New high tech alco-locks are to be installed in the cars of high-range drink drivers and repeat offenders. Stuart Bocking speaks with Bernard Carlone Centre for Road Safety on the changes. More...

Todd McKenny with Stuart Bocking

Stuart Bocking with Todd McKenny at Dee Why RSL Seniors Forum: Todd McKenny joined Stuart Bocking at the Dee Why RSL to chat at the 2UE Seniors Forum.Chatting about the new season of Dancing with the Stars and a stripper that took to Nine News. More...

A Fair Go For Seniors Forum

A Fair Go For Seniors Forum at Dee Why RSL with Stuart Bocking 2UE Live: A Fair Go For Seniors Forum at Dee Why RSL with Stuart Bocking with special guests including the NSW Premier, the Hon. Mike Baird and Minister for Ageing, the Hon. John Ajaka. Hear More...

Wicked musical returns to Sydney

Stuart Bocking with Jemma Rix and Lucy Durack of Wicked Wicked Witches: It is the musical that has taken the world by storm, and the Aussie production of Wicked is back in Sydney. Stuart Bocking with Lucy Durack and Jemma Rix the stars of Wicked the Musical. Hear...

George Piggins: will he join Souths?

George Piggins - why he won't attend the Souths grand final? Souths in Grand Final: George Piggins speaks with Stuart Bocking on his time at Souths, and whether he will go to the game on Sunday night? Too much water under the bridge he says, but will the legend join them? More...

North Sydney council suspension?

North Sydney Lord Mayor Jilly Gibson on 2UE 954am Decision: It's the day of reckoning for North Sydney Council, will they be suspended? Mayor Jilly Gibson tells Stuart Bocking why she thinks the local government minister has the best interests of ratepayers in mind. More...

Paying a price for living on credit

What do reforms to Privacy Act mean for your credit record? Paying the Price: How far in debt are you? The temptation proves too much for many, as Australians draw $10.1b in credit card cash advances. Stuart Bocking on living well above and beyond our means on credit. More...

Price Hike: Reserve Our Gas

Sydney set to be slugged for gas? Gas Price Rise: Gas prices are set to triple as local prices are linked to what is paid in the export market. This is despite production increasing dramatically. Stuart Bocking on the Reserve Our Gas campaign. More...

New terror laws to prohibit torture

Anti-terror laws leave open a provision for torture? Anti-Terror: The Abbott Government insists sweeping new anti-terror laws are needed, amid an increased terror threat. Senator David Leyonhjelm on beefed up anti-terror laws leaving open a provision for torture. More...

Lockout: Death of Kings Cross

Kings Cross clubs suffering under tough new liquor laws? Death of Kings Cross: Have lock out laws killed off Kings Cross? Publicans are closing doors and late night revelers are looking elsewhere for a night out. Stuart Bocking on the golden half mile fading from view. More...

Pamela Stevenson on Brazouka

Pamela Stephenson-Connolly with Stuart Bocking on 2UE Dance Theatre: "Brazouka" is a mystical dance story from the streets of Brazil, created by Pamela Stephenson-Connolly. Stuart Bocking speaks with the comedienne and wife of Billy Connolly about the show. More...

Try hot desking from home?

Daylight Savings not good for heart health? Beat the Traffic: Here's the best way to beat Sydney traffic, try hot desking from home? Stuart Bocking reveals having more people working from home could make the commute easier for others on congested roads. More...

Marijuana reform step to legalisation?

Cannabis has been legalized in Colarado Marijuana Legalisation: Is a medical trial the first step towards the legalisation of marijuana? Stuart Bocking & Ann Symonds of Australian Drug Law Reform on how we need to get on with the trial. Hear More...

Cable car link to Barangaroo?

Cable car link to Barangaroo? Sydney Transport: A cable car between Pyrmont & Barangaroo is the latest idea for Sydney transport across the harbour. Stuart Bocking on what seems a flight of fancy of the Sydney Business Chamber? Read More...

Sydney's driver-less rapid transit

New details of Sydney's North West Rail Link revealed NW Rail Link: New details of Sydney's North West Rail Link have been revealed, with trains to run more frequently, than first planned. Derek Peterson on plans for a world-class rapid transit rail service. Hear More...

The mindset of violent extremism

Anti-terror laws strong enough to stop a home grown terror attack? Homegrown Terrorism: Are our local anti-terror laws strong enough to stop a home grown terror attack? Dr John Demartini with Stuart Bocking on the psychology behind the horrors of violent extremism. Hear More...

30km/h zones for Sydney CBD?

1789 pedestrians killed & injured on CBD roads last year? Slower Speeds: Should Sydney CBD have a 30 km/h speed limit to make it safer for pedestrians? Councillor Edward Mandla joins Stuart Bocking to discuss the merits of the idea and pedestrian benefits. More Here...

Sydney on steroids as CBD grows

Sydney on steroids as the CBD grows to the west Sydney Grows: Stuart Bocking reveals new investment west of the harbour bridge risks being under exploited without infrastructure to the heart of the city. John Hartigan says we each need to feed it and shape it. Find More...

Nth Sydney Council to be wound up?

Council turmoil in North Sydney over Woolworths development Council Warned: North Sydney Council has 14 days to show why it shouldn't be suspended due to political squabbling and infighting. Stuart Bocking has been following the story for some time. Hear More...

PM hasn't made the case for war?

Has the PM convinced us on the need to join Middle East war? The Case for War: The PM has confirmed defence personnel are already on the way to the Middle East. Shaoquett Moselmane NSW MLC believes the federal governmentl has not made the case for war. More Here...

Sydney's rising horror road accidents

Should trucks be banned from using Sydney tunnels? Sydney Road Safety: A disturbing rise in the number of Sydney road accidents. At least 10 cars have crashed into houses and buildings in the last 6 months. Stuart Bocking on the theory behind the rise. More Here...

Safety cameras need a re-think?

Safety cameras need a re-think? Safety Cameras: Frank the truckie writes on the new safety camera near Richmond Railway Station going East. Watch as drivers go straight ahead on a red light, green arrow, not triggering the safety camera. Watch Here...

Art Gallery of NSW sacks volunteers

Art Gallery of NSW sacks their long-serving volunteers? Volunteers Axed: In a bizarre move, the art gallery is replacing volunteer staff with paid workers, and the volunteers aren't happy. Stuart Bocking on the move that'ss alienated the gallery team of volunteers. Hear More...

Kasey Chambers - Bittersweet

Kasey Chambers back with new album Bittersweet New Music: Australia's country music queen Kasey Chambers is back and joins Stuart Bocking to have a chat about Bittersweet. It is her first album in 4 years, and it's a break up heart tearing piece of brilliance. More Here...

Teachers lose time on cyberbullying

Teachers losing time due to cyberbullying Cyber Bullying: Principals and school teachers are so swamped dealing with complaints on cyber bullying they are losing many hours of valuable teaching time each week. Stuart Bocking on what to look out for. More Here...

Sydney has far too many councils

Council pay $1.5 million for Sydney PR spin? Council Mergers: Sydney is awash with councils and their red tape. Stuart Bocking on 27 councils east of Parramatta and 14 west. Do we need a more equitable and better strategic planning system for local issues?

Sex scandals & rise of nude selfies

Sex scandal: society just loves nude selfies? Sex Scandals: The military is braced for another sex scandal, but is sex exploitation just a challenge for the military? Stuart Bocking on the surge in nude selfies, sex exploitation - is it our society that loves it? Read More...

New Aussie subs made in Japan?

New Aussie submarines to be built in Japan? Aussie Subs: Our next generation of Australian submarines look set to be built in Japan. Stuart Bocking with Don Rowe of the RSL on their stance over the blow to local business, and the sentiment of our war veterans.

Lisa McCune: The King & I

Stuart Bocking with Lisa McCune: The King & I King & I: Star of the musical The King & I, and much loved actor in Blue Heelers, 4 times Gold Logie winner Lisa McCune with Stuart Bocking. The musical is about to hit the Opera House stage, but only for a limited time.

PM again overseas: trip #11

Prime Minister Tony Abbott again overseas on trip #11 One Year as PM: It is coming up to a year since Tony Abbott became PM taking over from 'Kevin 747' as he was dubbed by the Coalition. Stuart Bocking reveals Tony Abbott has clocked up even more frequent flyer points.

Steve Clisby: Leave Me Dreaming

Performer Steve Clisby with Stuart Bocking on 2UE New Album: Steve Clisby was an unknown until he burst onto The Voice and stole our hearts. Stuart Bocking catches up with the charismatic performer who is captivating audiences with his album Leave Me Dreaming.

Sydney's suburban real estate battle

Did you choose your suburb because you had a connection? Sydney Real Estate: 48 people queued up, some even camped out for days to secure one of 28 plots of land in The Ponds. Stuart Bocking on Sydney's staggering house and land prices now a squeeze for first home buyers.

Sydney council vote bill confusing?

Sydney council vote bill confusing? Sydney Council Vote: City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas believes many small businesses still won't benefit from the business voting bill. Stuart Bocking on making the voting process fair and easier.

Your questions about the Opal Card

Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian with Stuart Bocking Opal Card: The Opal Card has made a smooth transition as the way we pay for public transport in Sydney. Stuart Bocking speaks with Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian and takes your questions on the Opal Card.

Palmer deal to affect your super

How super changes will affect your retirement Super Struggle: Changes to compulsory Super contributions have been delayed until at least 2021. Stuart Bocking speaks with ACTU President Ged Kearney about the deal and the cost to us all with our superannuation.

Homebush Bay Bridge connection

Homebush Bay Bridge will connect communities Connecting Communities: The Homebush Bay Bridge will connect, transport & sustain two of Sydney's newest, & growing communities. Stuart Bocking on the bridge creating a new landmark in Sydney's inner west.

Minster issues warning to councils

Local Government Minister Paul Toole on whether it’s time for a cull Council Warning: Can we reduce the number of councils in Sydney? What of the recent claims of a dysfunctional North Sydney Council? Stuart Bocking with Local Government Minister Paul Toole whether it's time for a cull.

How to find your credit score

How will credit changes affect your bill history? Credit Score: GetCreditScore.com.au launches today, allowing the public to check their credit scores for free. Stuart Bocking on the overwhelming response to the website with consumer advocate Christopher Zinn.

Jimmy Barnes: 30/30 Hindsight

Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes with Stuart Bocking 30/30 Hindsight: Australian Rock Legend Jimmy Barnes has a new album of music reflecting on his 30 years as a solo artist. Barnsey speaks with Stuart Bocking about his incredible music career, & CD 30/30 Hindsight.

Far too many Sydney councils?

Council Chambers: do we have too many tiers of government? Council Overload: Sydney has far too many councils, many of them inefficient. Stuart Bocking reveals we have over 40 across the suburbs and the growing calls for amalgamation to help save rate payers.

Regional relocation grants scrapped

Regional relocation grants  have been scrapped On The Move: Regional relocation grants have been scrapped by the NSW government. Stuart Bocking with James Treloar from Evocities who thinks more people should move regionally. Would you consider it?

Employ more Gen Y workers?

Bosses hiring future buddies over those more qualified? Gen Y: Employers are being called on to hire more Gen Y workers. Why? Stuart Bocking on the Gen Y worker advantages, virility, tech savviness, raw talent, amongst many other valid reasons like street smarts.

Millers Point sales shock investors

Millers Point sales skyrocket as prices head through the roof Millers Point: Prized harbourside land is being sold to investors. Buyers were expecting a rundown terrace for sale at Millers Point to sell for around $1.5 million. It sold for a staggering $2.6 million. Stuart Bocking with more.

Qantas loss of $2.84 billion

Open up Qantas to greater foreign investment? Staggering Loss: Qantas has posted a net loss of $2.84 billion for the last financial year, a staggering amount. The airline says it expects to make a profit next year, but does this spell the death nell for Alan Joyce.

James Tiger - Lego Ninjago

James Tiger - Lego Ninjago School Dress Ups: Remember school dress ups? Great days. Stuart Bocking's little fella James Tiger enjoyed the Book Week Parade this week and he decided to go as a ninja from the Lego Ninjago series.

Rewards cards losing you money?

What do reforms to Privacy Act mean for your credit record? Rewards Cards: How often do you use rewards cards to shop? Are they too good to be true? Stuart Bocking on the Mozo Research that shows that one in four rewards cards on the market are actually losing you money.

Sydney Putt Putt sold out to Chinese

Selling out Putt Putt to Chinese investors Putt Putt Property: A popular mini-putt course is closing down after the council sold the site to cashed up Chinese property developers. Stuart Bocking asks if the council will be helping the business relocate?

Helipad for Darling Harbor hotel?

Helipad for Darling Harbor hotel? Heliport: Dr Jerry Schwartz wants to build a helipad on roof of his new hotel in Darling Harbour. It surprised his architect but wasn't slapped down by Andrew Stoner. Stuart Bocking asks, does this idea have merit?

Peter Dein: 41 years with NSW Police

NSW Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein on 2UE 954am Retirement: After 41 years in the NSW police force, former Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein has earned his retirement and he joins Stuart Bocking, reflecting on the role, some of Sydney's biggest cases.

Desalination plant a white elephant

Warragamba Dam still maintains enough water for Sydney Water Everywhere: Did taxpayer fork out billions on a great white elephant? Stuart Bocking on the desalination plant for Sydney. Look now as the rain tumbles down across the city and fills rain again fills Warragamba Dam.

Gadgets get flight green light

Search continues for Malaysian flight MH370 Go Go Gadgets: Passengers on Qantas and Virgin will be able to leave electronic devices switched on during their flights. Stuart Bocking on changes that will allow use, provided your device is in Flight Mode.

Cyclists party to contest next election

Can cyclists and motorists be nice to each other? Cyclists Party: The Australian Cyclist Party has been registered for around 10 months and Stuart Bocking reveals they are aiming to contest the next NSW, VIC and Federal elections, representing the needs of cyclists.

Les Miserables returns to Sydney

Actor Simon Gleeson with Stuart Bocking on 2UE 954am Theatre Favourite: It's one of the most popular musicals of all time, and Les Miserables is returning to Sydney. Playing the iconic role of Jean Valjean is established actor and musical theatre star Simon Gleeson.

Op Shops: the place for bargains

National Op Shop Week - The place to find a bargain Op Shop Week: It's national Op Shop week, a reminder that there are bargains to be had in store, and to donate to help our community. Stuart Bocking with Jon Dee on the 2,100 charity stores lending a helping hand.

Koala saved using CPR

Koala revived using CPR Koala Miracle: A wildlife rescuer has brought a dead koala back to life using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Stuart Bocking on the story with footage of the rescue and resuscitation revealing the miracle outcome.

Drivers just drones behind the wheel

Can you avoid paying the road tolls? Drone Drivers: Driving technology puts us at risk of becoming driving drones - lazy, inattentive, and potentially unable to control the vehicle if the driving aides fail. Stuart Bocking on losing driver resposes in modern cars.

Muslim leaders anti-terror law anger

Call to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir  as an 'extremist' group Terror Threats: 60 Islamic leaders have signed a statement, calling for an "uprising" against the anti-terror laws. Stuart Bocking & Dr Jamal Rifi on why the changes are now under fire from our Islamic community.

Finance minister on budget reset

Pensioners to be targeted in upcoming budget cuts? Budget Reset: Finance minister Mathias Cormann has tried to reset the budget debate. He tells Stuart Bocking there's still plenty of time to negotiate the passage of tough measures like the $7 GP co-payment.

What price for a little convenience?

What price for a little convenience? The Price of Convenience: At what stage does price outstrip convenience? Stuart Bocking looks at some of the staggering prices we outlay at the local convenience store. Are you simply being ripped off?

Loo with a View saved from demolition

Artist Peter Kingston Saving Sydney: Heritage loos on the Lavender Bay wharf for 100 years have been saved from demolition. Artist Peter Kingston led the campaign, which also saves his brilliant Cartoon Sculpture Garden on the boardwalk.

Alcohol violence moves to Newtown

Will lock out laws create a new 3am swill? Violence: Have tough measures against alcoholic violence simply moved the issue a few suburbs over? Stuart Bocking on lock out laws moving late night drinkers to Newtown, taking their problems with them.

Clive Palmer's incredible outburst

How will the PM deal with a hostile Senate? Double Standards: Is there a rule for one lot of MPs and a rule for others like Clive Palmer? Stuart Bocking looks at the extraordinary attack on China from the man who holds the balance of power in parliament.

Juggling life working in the navy

Maridy & Terry Morrison with Stuart Bocking Heroes at Sea: Over 5 months HMAS Darwin has seized narcotics worth more than $2.1b. Stuart Bocking speaks with Commander Terry Morrison on his work and wife Maridy on juggling life working in the Navy.

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