Lee Kernaghan & the Wolfe Brothers with the Two Murrays

Lee Kernaghan & the Wolfe Brothers with the Two Murrays

2UE Video: Lee Kernaghan Live

Lee Kernaghan has hit the road on the back of releasing one of the hottest albums of all time, Beautiful Noise. He performs a track from the album in our studios with the Wolfe Brothers for 2UE's Two Murrays.

Are you being undervalued at work?

Older workers: how business is waking up to their experience How do you feel you fit into the company you work for, is your job safe? Two Murrays discuss employees feeling pressured at work and the number who think they are over qualified for the job they do.

How to complain about bad service

Boxing Day trading only allowed in Sydney CBD Do you complain about bad service, or do you walk away and just let it slide? Two Murrays look at how to make your complaint successful when you are next not happy with the service that you get.

Human Nature returning to Sydney

Phil Burton & Michael Tierney of Human Nature with Two Murrays Human Nature are returning in December to do some Christmas shows, after the past 4 years doing a residency in Las Vegas. Two Murrays chat with the fellas and find their time in the states hasn't changed them.

Elderly turning to crime to survive?

How can the elderly simply be forgotten in our city? The Two Murrays reveal there has been a 28 per cent increase in the number of elderly people that are being convicted of an offence. Are they shoplifting because of the skyrocketing cost of living in Sydney?

Crashing after working night shift...

People driving home after working a night shift are at greater risk of crashing... Workers could be putting themselves and others at risk by driving home after a night shift. That's what a Melbourne study has found after putting workers through driving tests. The Two Murrays find out more.

Are only children more happier?

Only $400 fines for a child left in a hot car? Are there downsides to having only one child? With more families choosing the option, and several who don't get the choice, Two Murrays look at being an only child and if single children are more happier.

Family Law: signing a pre-nuptial

Divorce: the effects on the older children of the family Are pre-nuptials standard these days, or only among celebrities? What of the rules of a will overriding any pre-nup? Two Murrays look at the reasons behind having a pre-nup and just who is taking them out.

Grandparents looking after the kids

Childcare costs hindering women and their return to work It's revealed a growing number of families are turning to grandparent for childcare. New figures show parents are saving $88-million a year in fees, with 10% of people over 65 caring for their grandchildren.

Register of farm foreign ownership

Quadriplegic farmer Rob Cook will tackle the Tanami Desert A register of foreign-owned farmland in Australia will be set up by the Gillard Government. There are growing concerns about the buy-up of agricultural land and food processors by overseas companies.

Unpredictable Working Hours

Longer working hours can lead to anxiety One in five Australian workers are dealing with unpredictable hours. Professor Richard Denniss tells The Two Murrays not knowing what time you’ll finish work can lead to pressure on other parts of your life.

Entrepreneurs from making apps?

Apple launch the iPhone 4S Two Murrays look at a new mobile app that takes the fuss out of booking a taxi with Andrew Campbell, one of a batch of young entrepreneurs proving that you don't have to be an IT guru to make successful apps.

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