Renewed focus needed on our future energy needs

Renewed focus needed on our future energy needs

Renewed focus on our future energy

2UE Video Editorial: Our reliance on crude oil needs to end and efforts focus on renewable energy. Tim Webster on why wind farms are not an answer, but one source is emerging as a significant step forward. Watch...

Clubs to expand into childcare?

Greens slam the idea of clubs moving into childcare? Clubs: The Greens have slammed plans to give licensed clubs incentives to expand into child and aged care services. Senator Hanson-Young says it's ridiculous & should be cancelled. More...

Not in the name of religion

Tim Webster on Sydney's anti-terror raids 2UE Video Editorial: The horrors of the past in the name of religion should not be repeated. Tim Webster points out the arrests made across Sydney through the week were not about religion, and it's worth noting. Watch...

Culling will not stop sharks killing

Tim Webster on the uselessness of culling sharks 2UE Video Editorial: Sharks are simply opportunistic killers, that is it. Tim Webster discusses the horrific tragedy at Byron Bay and the concept of culling to stop further attacks in the waters off our beaches. Watch Here...

Amber Lawrence: Superheroes

Amber Lawrence with Tim Webster on 2UE 954am Great Music: Country music songstress Amber Lawrence joined Tim Webster in the studio for a chat about her fourth and latest album called "Superheroes" and to discuss her upcoming Australian tour. More Here...

Risk level means more awareness?

What does the heightened threat level mean for us all? High Risk: Australia's terror alert level raised to high, but what does the new threat level mean for everyday Australians. Counter-terrorism expert & CEO of Intelligent Risks, Neil Fergus with Tim Webster. More Here...

Solar flares erupting from Sun

How Earth missed catastrophe by just a week Solar Storm: Solar flares erupted from the sun last week, causing geomagnetic storms. Astronomer David Reneke & Tim Webster talk about what could happen if a large solar flare reached our planet. More Here...

Road carnage: A better strategy

Tim Webster: Road carnage - a better strategy is desperately needed 2UE Video Editorial: The cost is an estimated $27 billion a year, but the cost in lives and social impact are incalculable. Tim Webster on a more effective strategy at saving lives on our roads, starting with our youth.

Teaching youth road behaviour

Should trucks be banned from using Sydney tunnels? Sydney Roads: Following the tragic crash on the far north coast that claimed 4 young lives – how can we teach our kids to drive safer on the roads? Tim Webster with Ian Luff, of 'Drive to Survive', a road safety initiative.

War looming in the Middle East

War in the Middle East is looming 2UE Video Editorial: War in the Middle East is looming, and we need to do something against the radical and barbaric atrocities being committed. Tim Webster on the old adage, evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

The dangers of the 24/7 news cycle

Tim Webster on the news cycle and fact checking 2UE Video Editorial: Tim Webster takes a look at the story of baby Gammy, and the fallout for all involved. Have we been given all the facts? He reveals how fact checking can get left behind on a busy news day.

Mental health needs to be discussed

Tim Webster on the issues of mental health R U OK: Tim Webster says the spotlight was placed on mental health this week with the world shocked at the death of Actor and Comedian Robin Williams. Here's how you can help a friend by lending them a little time.

What fairness for the average joe?

Tim Webster on fairness perceptions of the legal system 2UE Video Editorial: Are perceptions correct when many think the rich & famous have it better in the legal system? Tim Webster on a celebrity case that caused a media storm & the average punter questioning fairness.

MH17: murder of innocent souls

Tim Webster on the mass murder of innocent souls on MH17 MH17: Horror in the news with the mass murder of 298 innocent souls aboard MH17. Tim Webster looks at the behaviour from the other side of the world, and the thoughts many had this week of where we proudly call home.

Menzies: The man behind the myth

The man behind the myth: Sir Robert Menzies Leadership: Tim Webster speaks with Anne Henderson on her book 'Menzies At War'. The insightful book delves into his leadership years, going from defeated leader to become Australia's longest serving prime minister.

Sydney facing homeless challenge

Tim Webster: Homelessness growing with women? Homeless: Sydney and Australia is facing a homeless crisis, with many who are seeking public housing, having to wait up to 7-years for accommodation. Tim Webster on the charity that is turning lives around.

Time for a re-think on gambling?

Tim Webster: Time for a re-think on gambling? 2UE Video Editorial: Is it time for a re-think on the way we advertise gambling? Tim Webster discusses how easy it has become to bet on anything from sport to the two flies theory. Do we need a re-think on gambling?

Tim Costello on a gambling re-think

Rev. Tim Costello & Tim Webster on a re-think on gambling Gambling: It seems the gambling culture is walking hand in hand with the spirit of the NRL these days. Anti-gambling campaigner Reverend Tim Costello joined Tim Webster to talk of a re-think needed on gambling.

Superfood the new buzz on the menu?

Superfood the new buzz on the menu? The New Food Buzz: 'Superfood' is the latest buzzword. But just what makes something a superfood? What exactly are the benefits? And more importantly, how do you incorporate them all into your daily diet?

K9 Blue - Duck and Weave

Tim Webster with Matt & Rex on 2UE Weekend Afternoons Dog Squad: Former dog squad police constable Matt McCredie and his retired police dog Rex joined Tim Webster to talk about his new book 'K9 Blue - Duck and Weave' which revolves around his police dog.

Camp Quality: creating opportunities

How Camp Quality is bringing back childhood opportunities Help Out: Camp Quality has helped to give so many children a smile and cheer and a return to quality childhood by creating opportunities to do things other kids take for granted. Tim Webster on a special story to share.

Beware fees on child bank accounts

Not every kids’ bank savings account offers the same conditions Account Fees: Not every kids’ bank savings account offers the same conditions. Tim Webster reveals that without looking into the fine print, you could be setting yourself up for some unwanted fees or lower interest rates.

Ageism still facing older workers

Are older workers being discriminated against? Workplace: Ageism in the workplace can be a very real issue facing older workers. While many employers do the right thing, Tim Webster reveals still a lot of businesses only look for younger employees.

Welfare payments set for a shakeup

Shake up in welfare payments ahead from Abbott government 2UE Video Editorial: Re-vamping the welfare system, but emotive discussion needs to be dropped. Tim Webster on the disability payments that we cannot afford, need addressing, but take out the emotive talk.

War perpetrated by religious zealots

The horror of war again stemming from religious zealotry 2UE Video Editorial: Horror perpetrated by religious zealots? What sort of god or prophet condones this? As the agony and terror of war grows in Iraq, Tim Webster looks at extremism behind the insanity of the uprising.

Robert Zammit: Bless me, father

Robert Zammit: Bless me, father Bless Me, Father: Popular Australian vet Robert Zammit speaks with Tim Webster to talk about his first book 'Bless Me, Father'. The historical fiction delves deeply into the corruption surrounding the Catholic Church.

Fireplaces bad for your health?

Are fireplaces bad for your health? Asthma Alert: Are fireplaces as bad for your health as car exhaust & cigarette smoke? Tim Webster on wood burning fires responsible for 75% of Sydney’s health-hazardous fine particle emissions in winter.

Bring balance into political debate

Tim Webster: balance needed in our political debate? Video Editorial: Politics is about ideology, but have we forgotten that? Tim Webster looks at political balance. Are we being too extreme? Are minor parties on the rise because of lack of agreement between the major parties?

Time to abolish some bureaucracy?

The Whisper: Two ministers to step down over Easter break? 2UE Video Editorial: Are we over governed? Is it time to tear back one of the tiers of government? Tim Webster on the calls from former PM Bob Hawke on abolishing the states, or should we do away with local councils first?

Horror accidents in school zones

Drivers being urged to slow down in school zones 2UE Video Editorial: Police are appealing for drivers to slow down in school zones following a spate of accidents with children. Tim Webster reveals his horror at hearing a number of children hit in a matter of days.

Legal Experts with Tim Webster

Are new alcohol violence laws a knee jerk reaction? Each week on The Experts Tim Webster is joined to discuss your legal rights on 2UE Weekend Afternoons for Slater & Gordon.

Health Check with Tim Webster

Should patients who can afford it pay for medical treatment? The latest medical news and issues from Sydney Adventist Hospital with Tim Webster on The Experts each week on 2UE.

Budget a reminder of reality?

Joe Hockey hands down his first federal budget 2UE Video Editorial: The federal budget was not all doom and gloom. Tim Webster on changing the handout mentality. As a nation do we need to strive toward a future where we all roll up our sleeves and give a hand?

Sydney drivers far too complacent?

Is it time to place an age limit on older drivers? 2UE VIDEO EDITORIAL: More horror on our roads in Sydney with lives lost. Tim Webster reveals just how many lives we have lost so far this year and it is higher than previous years. Are we too complacent when driving?

The end to the age of entitlement

Are you owed cash from the NSW government? 2UE Video Editorial: Is the age of entitlement coming to a screaming end? Tim Webster looks at the proposed changes to pensions and the axe to fall on the budget. Is the time to have the hand out come to an end?

Marcia Hines is simply Amazing

Marcia Hines with Tim Webster on 2UE 954am Marcia Hines has been producing brilliant music for over four decades and the Queen of Pop is back with a stunning new album, Amazing. Tim Webster chats with her about the new release, & to talk all things good music.

Capturing insidious child sex abusers

Tim Webster on capturing insidious child sex abusers 2UE Video Editorial: Pedophilia is sickening to the majority, but recent inquiries into child sex abuse has highlighted how widespread and insidious it can be. Tim Webster reveals his thoughts & work of police.

Time to ban all NRL lifting tackles?

Is Jordan McLean simply a scapegoat? 2UE Video Editorial: Should the NRL ban lifting tackles? Tim Webster has a few suggestions but makes the point, the incident with Alex McKinnon was a terrible accident. Is Jordan McLean simply a scapegoat?

Kate Ceberano: I'm Talking

Kate Ceberano chats with Tim Webster about 'I'm Talking' Kate Ceberano is one of the greatest voices our music industry has produced, and for the first time, the chanteuse is revealing her personal highs and lows. Tim Webster chats with her on her book 'I'm Talking'.

Are MP standards improving?

Parliament House: who was our best PM in last 40 years? 2UE Video Editorial: Is the behaviour of our MPs improving? Tim Webster looks at a recent parliament time session and reveals what he saw. What standards do you expect of our elected parliamentary members?

What’s a Perentie or Dunnart?

Wild Life Sydney zoo-keeper Kylie Hackshall & Tim Webster What do you think of when you hear the words Perentie, Rufous Bettong and Pademelon? You might be surprised to find out. Tim Webster with more this weekend on afternoons - here's some pics for clues!

Cardinal Pell's "no emotion" apology?

Cardinal George Pell 2UE Video Editorial: Was the apology from Cardinal George Pell "completely hypocritical" as and advocacy group claims? Tim Webster on the statement of apology, given with "no emotion".

Homeless women rates growing?

Tim Webster: Homelessness growing with women? 2UE Video Editorial: Women on boards of industry are growing in numbers, but so too are the number of women represented in homeless figures. Tim Webster with a few points for the men of our society. Have Your Say!

Propping-up uncompetitive business?

Qantas to cut 5,000 jobs after posting $252m half yearly loss 2UE Video Editorial: Do you want a national airline that is subsidized by you? Should the Prime Minister prop up Qantas? Tim Webster discusses if the taxpayer should fund businesses that are not competitive?

Why is the road toll on the increase?

Why does the road toll continue to climb? With so many safety features on modern cars, why is it the road toll is still on the increase? Tim Webster looks at driver distraction, speed, and worrying signs drivers are simply no longer focused on driving the car.

Back to basics: drive your car!

Get back to the basics and simply drive your car? 2UE Video Editorial: We no longer drive our cars. We are so constantly distracted with items around the car, like the stereo, or smart phones. Tim Webster on getting back to basics, and simply drive the car.

Sharks attacks: what to know

Is culling sharks following an attack the answer? Are you safe this season following the recent spate of shark attacks? What are the precautions you can take in the water? Tim Webster & expert Dr Steve Kennelly who has researched sharks for 12 years.

Health system needs a checkup?

Tim Webster on healthcare, is time for a checkup? Is our health system in need of a checkup? Tim Webster has been in and out of hospital and is concerned we are heading down a slippery slope. Health is the most important issue, and needs to be dealt with.

Discrimination of older workers?

Australian of the Year for 2013 is Ita Buttrose Are you an older worker struggling to find a job? Are some employers simply hesitant to employ older workers? Tim Webster speaks with Ita Buttrose who is fighting for the rights of older workers to find employment.

Crackdown need on some truckies?

How just a handful of trucks have brought Sydney to standstill Our truckies are some of the hardest workers, but are there too many cowboys driving these days? Tim Webster on unroadworthy trucks, and that damage on the M5 this week bringing Sydney's roads to a standstill.

Video: The Morrisons on 2UE

The Morrison's perform live in the studios of 2UE 954 Love Bluegrass music? A form of Country that when played to perfection becomes infectious to tap the toes to. The Morrisons seared the radio with slick hot Bluegrass with Tim Webster. Watch them perform live.

Aged Care: Ready for the boom?

Tim Webster on the growing population needing aged care Are we ready to care for the increasing population of the aged? Tim Webster reveals the complications for those Baby Boomers moving into old age, and not just in suburban Sydney, but in country areas as well.

We need to move online for voting?

Time to change our archaic way of voting in elections? Is it time to go digital when it comes to our archaic voting system? Tim Webster takes a look at the missing Senate votes of WA and questions how it happened. Is it a perfect case of moving to voting online. Have Your Say!

Alex Lloyd performs live Waterfall

Alex Lloyd performs live for Tim Webster on 2UE 954 Urban Wilderness is the new collection of tracks from one of our most loved music performers. Tim Webster chats with Alex Lloyd ahead of his new tour, and grabs a live version of his incredible song Waterfall.

Frustration over inattentive drivers

Tim Webster: How drivers are driving us all to frustration Frustration boils over when driving behind someone who is fiddling with the phone, doing their make up or simply not paying attention. Tim Webster reveals the frustration over those who don't concentrate and drive.

Driver training for all high schools?

Tim Webster on the training of learner drivers Learner driver should be taught at school, long before they hit the roads, in driver defence schools where they can gain valuable experience. Tim Webster looks at recent road statistics, and says training should begin early.

Paul Clitheroe on financial year ahead?

Where to for the financial markets in 2012? What if you had a crystal ball and could see ahead into 2012 and what will happen on the financial markets? Tim Webster goes one step better and speaks with financial guru Paul Clitheroe to discuss the year ahead.

How dare MPs tell us what to do!

Tim Webster discusses your MP telling you how to live your life How dare MPs think they can tell us how to live our lives! We place them in parliament to serve us. Tim Webster looks at this country becoming a nanny state, and getting their socialist rules and regulations out of our lives.

Consider switching from your bank

Commonwealth Bank suffering computer glitches with NetBank Choice is urging people to consider switching to smaller lenders if the four big banks don't pass on in full an official interest rate cut. Tim Webster with Christopher Zinn on why you need to consider making a change.

Asylum seekers float in by hundreds

Tim Webster: 542 people arrive on 6 asylum boats over 6 days Six days, six boats and 542 people have arrived in Australia with detention centres at peak capacity. Tim Webster reminds those in Labor claiming it's all Tony Abbott's fault, that their solution was overturned by the high court.

Beware the boss may be watching you

Warning over invitations to party via Facebook & Twitter Social media may well be the downfall of many seeking work, with employers checking out facebook pages and previous twitters. Tim Webster on being aware of what you write online, as the boss may well be watching you.

David Jones slipping behind times?

Are David Jones keeping up with the changes in retail? Former David Jones chief Mark McInnes has lashed out at the company he ran, suggesting the retail giant is not servicing their customers. Tim Webster on whether David Jones is keeping up with the current times.

Easing Sydney's traffic congestion

More transport woes on Sydney's train system Congestion across Sydney is a huge and growing concern for commuters. Route changes have been made to buses to help ease the burden. Tim Webster on the proposals for easing traffic through new rapid bus services.

Chilly start to summer climate change?

Tim Webster: sudden climate change for Sydney's summer start Ritchie Benaud's Aussie cricket team took on the West Indies the last time December was this cold in Sydney. Carbon Tax, doom and gloom and yet as Tim Webster points out, we are shivering at the start of a new summer.

Boot camp crackdown by councils

Ever considered a boot camp to get more control of the kids? Boot camps in the local park are being clamped down upon. North Sydney Council are struggling to find harmony between residents and trainers. Tim Webster looks at managing the uptake in fitness along with noise control.

Julia Gillard's presidential poll bounce?

PM Julia Gillard's poll bounce thanks to President Obama? Tony Abbott now trails Julia Gillard as preferred Prime Minister. The Opposition claims her improvement is the result of the visit of President Obama. Tim Webster asks, how does that work? Has anything changed?

Google: all a bit brave new world?

Google re evaluates its direction forward? Computers that think for you so you can dream of other beginnings? Sounds a bit Brave New World, but Tim Webster reveals the new direction Google has announced to the world, to become the storage of all knowledge?

Why Tim Webster boycotts the M2

Tim Webster on the M2 and why he boycotts the motorway 2UE's Road Challenge has proven our toll roads are not cost effective. Tim Webster has boycotted the M2 for good reason. Bumper to bumper, even on weekends, and as the company makes millions, do they care about you?

Tommy Emmanuel back in Sydney

2UE's Tim Webster with Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel performs around the globe to an appreciative audience of loyal fans in every corner. Based in Nashville, it's nice to see him return home. Tim Webster catches up with the virtuoso, who performs live.

Time for us to get fair dinkum?

Tim Webster on public sympathy for the public service strikes Public servants protested plans to impose a 2.5% wages cap for public service workers, but did they garner any sympathy from the public. Tim Webster on why it's time we all adhered to the old Aussie mantra 'Fair Dinkum'.

Election now: let the people decide?

Time for the people to decide on the future of Labor policy? Surely its time the PM considered an early election. With failed policy after failed policy, Tim Webster says it's time to let the people decide. When it is proven a government doesn't know what it is doing, time for an election.

Kaplan: The Exceptional Brain

Is nutrition the key to maintaining a healthy brain? Humankind is yet to uncover the secrets of the brain, but what an incredible instrument it has been to the advancement of our species. Tim Webster & psychiatrist Robert M Kaplan on how our brain changed the world.

Labor treating voters with contempt

Tim Webster on the arrogance creeping in to the Labor Party Never bite the hand that feeds you, or votes for you too? Tim Webster looks at Labor MPs and their attack and ridicule on the convoy of no confidence. The convoy of the very people who would usually vote for Labor?

Urs Koch: Laugh With Health

Shoppers already know inflation is rising at the supermarket Manfred Urs Koch's book 'Laugh with Health: Your Complete Guide to Health, Diet, Nutrition and Natural Foods' grapples with good health, the five main food groups, and foods that supply the essential nutrients of life.

Whatever happened to manners?

Mobile phones and bad manners the norm these days? Bernard Salt, Demographer with KPMG tells Tim Webster he feels like he is the only person who sees a moral and ethical obligation to return phone calls and generally be polite to other people. Is he alone these days?

Katie Noonan: First Seed Ripening

Singer & Songwriter Katie Noonan with 2UE's Tim Webster Katie Noonan is such a talented singer of so many styles of music, it's a wonder she has enough time to keep up with her various projects. The latest Elixir album is released, "First Seed Ripening" and it is pure perfection.

Private health cover gap questioned

Tim Webster on why government says your family is Tim Webster has been a staunch defender of the medical profession in their fight with the government over conditions and budgets. He questions why private health care in Australia is becoming more unaffordable.

Molly Birnbaum Season to Taste

Car crash generic A car accident destroyed Molly Birnbaum's sense of smell, and with it her ability to taste, her desire to cook and her dreams of working in a restaurant. She shares what happened next with Tim Webster.

Mobile technology's 30 years

The original Mobile Phone and memory time for Tim Webster The Mobile Phone celebrated its 30th Anniversary through the week. Here's some memories for Tim Webster as 2UE's Trevor Long reveals a news report from the launch of mobile technology by Tim in 1981.

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