Nelson Mandela: the greatest figure of the 20th century?

Nelson Mandela: the greatest figure of the 20th century?

Mandela: lessons we can all learn

Nelson Mandela has left a huge legacy, the loss of the man former PM Malcolm Fraser describes as the greatest figure of the 20th century. John Stanley on how sport pressured change, and a leader without a grudge.

Nathan Gunn & Mandy Patinkin

Nathan Gunn and Mandy Patinkin with John Stanley Broadway legend Mandy Patinkin and opera super-star Nathan Gunn combine their musical talents to create a unique and powerful evening at the Sydney Opera House. John Stanley catches up with the duo on 2UE.

Learning from a Barefoot Movement

'White flight' from public schools? David Oldfield with latest on education Bunker Roy is an Indian squash champion who trekked into the poorest parts of India and Africa to set up Barefoot Colleges. John Stanley speaks with this inspirational person who is bringing change to communities.

Are our new MPs behaving badly?

John Stanley on the new parliament under PM Tony Abbott Prime Minister Tony Abbott's parliament term began this week with a call for more civil behavior from our MPs. John Stanley has a few thoughts on what to expect ahead, as civility gets thrown out the window.

Is the weather getting wilder?

John Stanley with climate 'skeptic' Bjorn Lomborg One of the world's biggest climate change skeptics, Dr Bjorn Lomborg, now believes it is one of the globe's biggest threats. John Stanley with one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.

Unborn babies: wards of the state?

Are we at the stage of creating designer babies for couples? John Stanley with Pru Goward reveals how unborn children will become wards of the state while they're still in the womb if mothers refuse treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or stay in violent relationships. Have your say!

First home owners being squeezed

Australians are now saving more than spending, but why? Are first home buyers being squeezed out of the housing market?. John Stanley reveals the ratio of new housing loans granted to first home buyers has dropped by more than 80% in just the last 4 years.

Video: The Collective on 2UE

The Collective on 2UE for The Children's Hospital at Westmead The Collective decided they wanted to help us to raise funds for The Children's Hospital in Westmead. They perform a self penned track for the staff and children for the 2UE Christmas Appeal for the hospital.

Video: Paulini performs for 2UE

John Stanley with Paulini on 2UE 954 Paulini grew up in Western Sydney and so jumped at the chance of joining 2UE at The Children's Hospital at Westmead to help raise donations. Watch her perform a knockout classic Christmas track on 2UE.

Alcoholic violence: who's to blame?

Alcohol behind the growing violence on the streets of Sydney? Is it the judicial system we need to focus on, or the drinking culture of our youth that leads to people being king hit and left for dead on our streets. John Stanley makes some sobering points about alcoholic violence.

John Doyle: still rampaging along?

John Doyle chats with 2UE's John Stanley on Vere at the STC Ever eclectic, John Doyle is a playwright and the alter ego of Rampaging Roy Slaven with his mate HG. John Stanley speaks with him about his new play at STC, Vere, and where he finds all those gems of ideas.

Reward deserved for our recycling?

Time for a refund for returning our bottles for recycling? Remember the days of getting coins for returning your glass bottles at the milko down the road? There's a push on for similar to happen again for recycling. John Stanley highlights a little marketing misinformation?

Rene Redzepi: A Work in Progress

Rene Redzepi, Head Chef at Noma in Copenhagen John Stanley speaks with Rene Redzepi, Head Chef at Noma in Copenhagen, which repeatedly been awarded the best restaurant in the world. He’s released his diaries on a year at Noma called A Work In Progress.

Ragtag bunch run our democracy?

John Stanley on the disgrace that will be the Senate Is this political blackmail? A ragtag bunch of Senator will hold balance of power next year. John Stanley discusses their threats not to change the dysfunctional system that voted them in in the first place.

Blue Mountains is open for business

The Blue Mountains still open for business Blue Mountains businesses are suffering after the fires, including those that were nowhere near the blazes. John Stanley looks at the call for people to return to the area, holiday and help save local businesses.

Call for bike licenses & insurance

Sydney's $76 million bike paths - are they being used? The push for bicycles to be registered has gained momentum - with a Sydney councillor calling on the State Government to introduce legislation. John Stanley on bike insurance and issues with accidents.

Will Clive Palmer control the Senate

John Stanley Video Blog: Tony Abbott & Clive Palmer Clive Palmer has Tony Abbott over a barrel despite a massive win at the election. Minority government continues next year, and John Stanley reveals how despite a huge mandate, the PM is under pressure.

Climate change info overcooked?

John Stanley on some mischief making over Climate Change? A sea of propaganda over climate change doesn't help. Extreme science on both sides of the argument only causes confusion. John Stanley on the changing climate and moderate research released this weekend.

How to survive hayfever season?

Dr Ross Walker on how to survive hayfever season? Spring certainly has sprung, it feels more like summer has arrived a little early. With spring comes the plants producing pollen. John Stanley speaks with Dr Ross Walker about tips to survive the hayfever season.

Call for sensible debate on climate

Opposition to the carbon tax has jumped six percentage points. Should debate on climate change remain moderate? John Stanley with Greg Hunt who says those who support make a worst case scenario, those who oppose say nothing will happen. We need a middle path?

Coalition to borrow to stimulate jobs?

John Stanley on borrowing to build much needed infrastructure Seems you have to spend to grow. John Stanley discusses the incoming Coalition government and talk of borrowing money to stimulate jobs in much needed local road and public transport infrastructure.

Big business wants bike lanes

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker Saturday nights on 2UE It's big business in the CBD that are behind push for more bike lanes. John Stanley with Patricia Forsythe of Sydney Business Chamber who says most businesses support staff who want to cycle to work.

Labor still center of our attention?

Anthony Albanese to challenge Bill Shorten for Labor Leadership Anthony Albanese or Bill Shorten will lead the Labor Party. Although in opposition, the party remains center of attention. John Stanley on how Labor managed a more democratic process in picking leadership.

Kevin Kwan: Crazy Rich Asians

Asian population getting richer? Crazy Rich Asians is a glimpse into the super-rich Asian elite. Kevin Kwan is the author of the book flying off the shelves and set to be turned into a film by the film company behind The Hunger Games.

Time for a review of our Senate?

John Stanley on the state of the Senate in parliament If it's not broke, don't fix it? But there is a real problem with the Senate and our voting system that needs review. John Stanley points out the difficulties Tony Abbott will find managing getting approval through the Senate.

Arthur Phillip: Sydney's founder?

John Stanley with Author Michael Pembroke Arthur Phillip was a career soldier, a mercenary and a spy for the British Empire long before he captained the First Fleet and founded Sydney. John Stanley with author Michael Pembroke who uncovers the man.

Australia leads UN Security Council

Australia takes leadership of the UN Security Council President Obama is weighing "limited, narrow" action against Syria, insisting the world had a duty to act after hundreds were gassed to death. Australia takes control of the UN Security Council at a nervous time.

Froth and bubble election coverage

John Stanley on the media coverage of Election 2013 Election coverage has been embarrassing. John Stanley discusses the continuing superficial froth and bubble. Focus on the Coalition as incoming government, they're not saying a huge amount.

Warmer weather puzzles our flowers?

The warmer weather has our plants a little puzzled? Our unusual weather over this winter period has our flowers a little puzzled. John Stanley with flower grower Lorenzo Leoncino who says some of his plants have flowered early, come and gone too soon.

Vietnam Veterans Day Lest We Forget

Today is Vietnam Veterans Day - Lest We Forget Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. Normie Rowe has been entertaining fellow veterans and talks with John Stanley about why the day is so important. Here's cheers to all our Vietnam Vets, Lest We Forget!

Dark destroyer finds light in Sydney

Formerly known as "The Dark Destroyer", Nigel Benn is a former UK middleweight boxing champion. He's now based in Sydney where he's studying theology and doing charity work with our local PCYC.

Video Blog: Scandal on democracy

Is it is time to abolish our compulsory voting system? You are being fed a ton of bull if you think you need to follow How To Vote leaflets at the upcoming federal election. John Stanley reveals why you are in control of preferences, not our political parties.

PM plays underdog as Coalition lead

Tony Abbott in the lead in exit polls in Election 2013 Opposition leader Tony Abbott is considered more trustworthy than Kevin Rudd, as we head into the 2nd week of the election campaign. The PM is playing down polls that show the Coalition well in the lead.

What can we expect at Barangaroo?

Work stops at Barangaroo after the discovery of asbestos The construction is underway at Barangaroo, but what can we expect to see on the Sydney landscape when work is complete? John Stanley with Architect Peter Walker on the emerging new Sydney headland.

Lyse Doucet: BBC and the world news

What should and shouldn't be show on television news? John Stanley speaks with award winning journalist Lyse Doucet, in Australia to deliver the keynote address at the Walkley Foundation's Storyology. What's life like as a travelling BBC journalist?

Race to reaffirm each others policies?

Election 2013 and the race to reaffirm each others policies? Labor and the Coalition are racing to outdo each other by reaffirming each others policies. John Stanley looks at two big items now being adopted by the Coalition from Labor, both the NBN and Gonski funding.

Tim Fisher on life at the Vatican

Tim Fischer with John Stanley on 2UE Weekend Breakfast Tim Fischer is the guest of John Stanley for Sunday Breakfast, and discusses his new book Holy See, Unholy Me. It is an account of what it was like to be the first Australian Ambassador to the Vatican.

Coalition backflip on Gonski support

Push for classes on multiculturalism in our schools Labor claims the Coalition's promise to back the Gonski school funding reforms is just a stunt. The Opposition has promised to match funding. John Stanley on what the reforms will mean for NSW students.

Indian motorcycles launch new bike

Burt Munro joins Weekend Breakfast Motorcycle lovers will love this one, John Munro, son of 'World's fastest Indian' Burt Munro joins Weekend Breakfast. Indian Motorcycles are back with a new bike, which is being launched in Sydney.

Child abuse: when to intervene?

Why child sexual abuse needs highlighting within the community Are we doing enough for our children? John Stanley on intervention when children are in danger. Where do they go? It is easy with hindsight in some cases, but when do we intervene?

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

John Stanley speaks with Toby Schmitz and Tim Minchin John Stanley speaks with Tim Minchin and Toby Schmitz, who are both about to star in Sydney Theatre Company production of the evergreen comic masterpiece, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Election 2013: time to hear policies

John Stanley on the policies we need before Election 2013 The date for Election 2013 is yet to be set, but it is time to hear some of the policies both parties have if they win. John Stanley on the current political blank sheet of paper, and the policies it is critical we are told about.

How not to pay airline booking fees

Hong Kong Airlines teaching cabin crew Wing Chung Kung Fu A loophole has been discovered that has allowed thousands of Australian airline passengers to avoid paying booking and service fees. Tom Godfrey from consumer group Choice reveals just how to save.

Alcohol lobby failing the public?

Will taxing alcohol higher stop binge drinking? Alcohol sales, pub opening hours, and the alcohol lobby. John Stanley with Chris Brown who was once a part of the lobby, & now believes has too much power and failing to do the right thing by the public.

Sunday Brunch: Heston Blumenthal

One of the world’s most extraordinary chefs, Heston Blumenthal One of the world's most extraordinary chefs, Heston Blumenthal joins John Stanley to talk about the changing face of gastronomy, and his trip to Australia as part of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape.

Natalie Cole with John Stanley

Natalie Cole speaks with John Stanley on 2UE 954 The daughter of jazz and pop legend Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole has forged a successful career in her own right. Now, with a new album released, John Stanley speaks with the singer about her music.

Extension for the M4 motorway

Operators of the M2 asked to explain latest toll rises The State's Treasurer is hoping tens of million dollars in lost revenue can be clawed back through Government becoming both the builder and operator of toll roads. John Stanley with Mike Baird on his tolling plans.

Sydney property prices on the rise

Tips on property investment from Nathan Birch The combination of a shortage of stock and an abundance of buyers is pushing up Sydney property prices. John Stanley on the low interest rates and investors fighting it out at the Sydney property auctions.

Harnessing the power of social media

Legal Matters with Tom Shaw Sunday nights on 2UE 954 Joe Rospars helped mobilise 13 million online supporters to elect President Obama. John Stanley asks, what are the key points for politicians, and business leaders, wanting to harness the power of social media.

Kate McClymont on exposing truth

Incredible work of investigative journalism by Kate McClymont Kate McClymont has exposed corruption and deceit in her investigative journalism career, but it comes at a cost, fear for her security. John Stanley details what she faces working to expose the truth.

Distracted drivers & road accidents

Time to crack down on drivers using mobile phones Passengers, car stereos, mobile phones and other distractions cause more crashes than drunk drivers. A study finds distraction caused 16% of crashes, while those drunk diving accounted for 13.5%.

Robots: May the 4th be with you

Where are the robots? "May the Fourth be with you..." Today is Global Star Wars Day. Jonathan Roberts decided he wanted to get into robotics after seeing Star Wars at 10. So how do robots now compare to what he thought they'd be?

Mortgage: Paying a little extra

Families now facing mortgage stress as house prices plummet Australians are paying down their mortgages at record pace and are now $160 Billion ahead. Do you add a little extra each month to your mortgage? John Stanley on the state of the nation with John Symond.

Film drunks and their bad behavior?

How to tackle the problem of youth binge drinking Drunken patients out of control, some emergency staff are being intimidated and assaulted, so should Australia follow a scheme in Wales and film them? John Stanley on showing drunks what they act like.

Tolls to return to the M4

Operators of the M2 asked to explain latest toll rises State Government has hit back at claims it is being shady bringing back a toll on the M4 just a handful of years after it was taken away. Duncan Gay concedes the public will have to pitch in again.

Angela Lansbury with John Stanley

Angela Lansbury starring in 'Driving Miss Daisy' showing at the Theatre Royal Angela Lansbury speaks with John Stanley about her amazing career, spanning 70 years in motion pictures, on stage and TV. The winner of 5 Tony awards, she is here to star again on stage in Driving Miss Daisy.

The need to recycle our garbage

Council to dig through your weekly rubbish? Do you recycle? An audit of household waste has found nearly three-quarters of rubbish in bins could be recycled. State Government has announced a new $465m waste initiative to lift recycling rates.

Jill Stark on her High Sobriety

How to tackle the problem of youth binge drinking As a health reporter for the Sunday Age, Jill Stark would cover stories on binge drinking, while writing herself off on the weekend. High Sobriety looks at what happened when she gave up alcohol for a year.

Ash Wednesday: tale of survival

Arsonists will be added to a list for quick police reference This coming Saturday is the 30th anniversary of Ash Wednesday. John Stanley speaks with Ann Fogarty, who suffered burns to 85% of her body and almost died as she saved her daughters from the flames.

Ita Buttrose: Australian of Year

Australian of the Year for 2013 is Ita Buttrose The Australian of the Year 2013, Ita Buttrose, has been acknowledged for her extraordinary achievements in a groundbreaking media career and her role in raising awareness of health care issues.

Binge drinking: at an all-time high?

Will taxing alcohol higher stop binge drinking? Binge drinking has now reached unprecedented levels, with hospital admissions caused by alcohol up across all ages, and doubled over last ten years for young people. John Stanley on the growing concern.

Andrew De Silva – an inspiration!

John Stanley with Singer/Songwriter Andrew De Silva One of the greatest inspirational stories in Aussie music, Andrew De Silva is back presenting his songs to a wider audience than ever before. He chats with John Stanley and performs his new single.

Time for sensible economic debate

Time for some non-political rational economic debate? Our economy is the envy of the world, but as the economy slows, do we really need to be driving toward a manufactured surplus? John Stanley says we need to listen to sensible economic debate, without politics.

Boozing up before heading out?

Drinkers loading up before hitting the nightclubs on weekends It's been revealed a growing number of people are filling up on booze before going out - to avoid higher alcohol prices in pubs and clubs. John Stanley says the booze culture is a growing and concerning one.

Police blitz on Sydney's cyclists

Crack down on breaking the rules on Sydney's bike paths Operation Reliant is targeting Sydney's $76 million bike lanes, nabbing those speeding through red lights, endangering pedestrians. John Stanley on cyclists obeying rules, and drivers being courteous.

NSW Councils to amalgamate?

NSW councils expected to amalgamate? Several NSW councils could be forced to amalgamate as state government seek a more streamlined approach. John Stanley says we complain we are over governed, should we expect amalgamation?

Puzzling job: the crossword maker

Crosswords keep the brain ticking well into old age? They say use it or lose it and crosswords are a great way to keep the brain active. John Stanley talks with SMH crossword maker David Astle, on the grids, and what is the greatest & most used word of all time.

The battle for the Gen Y athlete?

John Stanley on the new breed of Gen Y athlete There is a certain fascination in our sports people, but some of us question their loyalty. Is it to a team, code or the money? John Stanley on a few of the sports stars and the battle of the codes for fans.

CBD Light rail to get the go ahead

John Stanley: Sydney's light rail plans released A light rail system will significantly ease traffic congestion in Sydney's CBD. The state government is expected to announce stage one of the project, connecting the University of NSW in Randwick to the city.

Haggle to save on mortgage rates

Families now facing mortgage stress as house prices plummet What is your mortgage rate? Borrowers could save as much as $55,000 from their home loan if they're brave enough to haggle with the banks. John Stanley & Paul Clitheroe on what to ask for.

Honeymoon hangover first year?

Older couples more happier than the 'Honeymoon Hangovers' Research has revealed that these days the first year of marriage is more like a wedding hangover. Do things then start to get any better? John Stanley on the quality years of marriage, and growing old together.

Argo: The Real Tony Mendez

Antonio Mendez is thanked by President Carter The hit Hollywood film Argo has introduced the world to Antonio Mendez, as played by Ben Affleck. But what is the former CIA agent really like, and what does he think of the film? John Stanley speaks with an extraordinary man.

Jacarandas paint Sydney purple

Jacaranda trees are painting Sydney purple Just for a brief moment in spring the flowering of the Jacaranda tree carpets the pathways, front yards and local parks with a burst of purple. John Stanley looks at the jacaranda trees painting Sydney purple.

Technology changes sports coverage

Bathurst 1000 race has seen many technological advances Back in 1979, Geoff Healy was the team leader who first put a camera in a car at Bathurst. The first time it was used in a sporting event anywhere in the world, and it's helped change the way we view sport.

Wild weather ahead for summer

The Paul Murray weather word 'Muggy' challenge As the seasons change and we head toward summer, we are told get ready for severe thunderstorms and hail in the coming months. John Stanley finds we can expect wild weather, but what should we do to prepare?

Legally Blonde opens in Sydney

Lucy Durack stars as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde Legally Blonde opened at Sydney Lyric, the winner of 7 major awards. This all dancing, romantic comedy is about know who you are and show what you've got! John Stanley with star of the show, Lucy Durack.

Respect needed more than satire?

John Stanley on respect for religion and free speech John Stanley looks at last week's riot in Sydney's CBD over some moron in the states putting out a clunky video. We need to be respectful, but does satire show a level culture has grown to through freedom of expression?

Tom returns with Frank Sinatra

Tom Burlinson on his new show Now We're Swinging The secret to success when it comes to singing the songs of the masters, is not about singing, but interpreting their work. John Stanley with the man who croons Frank Sinatra better than anybody, Tom Burlinson.

Fight on to curb binge drinking

How to tackle the problem of youth binge drinking Underage drinkers and parents could be fined up to $1000 for attempting to enter licenced premises or bottle shops. John Stanley looks at the fight underway to curb binge drinking and to stop the violence.

Swans soar into the Grand Final

Sydney Swans soar into the AFL Grand Final The Sydney Swans have made it through to the grand final with a 26-point win over Collingwood at ANZ stadium. The Swans never trailed and led by as much as 42 late in the third quarter before going on to win.

Surf lifesaving season is underway

Search continues for missing competitor off Gold Coast Surf lifesaving now has more than 140,000 members in more than 260 Clubs around Australia. NSW Surf Lifesaving Patrol season starts today. John Stanley on what you can do to help in and out of the water.

Beware locking into electricity deals

Labor to blame for hike in electricity costs Have you had a knock on the door from an electricity company trying to lock you into a contract? John Stanley looks at your rights as promises of reductions are made when you sign, but prices can then skyrocket later.

Sleep the key to HSC success?

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli on a student report card of teachers Telephone counselling services are being flooded with calls from anxious parents stressed about their child completing their HSC exams. Meanwhile John Stanley finds out, the key to success may be getting sleep.

How do you avoid the dentist?

Call for universal dental care for all Australians John Stanley says going to the dentist can be filled with fears, of the drill and the bank balance. He speaks with Tom Parker, author of "Open Wide" on common dental rip offs to avoid, and finding a good dentist.

Foster father on becoming a dad

Are you missing out on much-needed family payments John Stanley talks Father's Day with Dan Brighton, who became a foster father at 21 years of age because he wanted to be a young dad. He's now been a foster dad for two years and lives with his 9 year old foster son.

Gay lifestyle attack by Christian lobby

More married people are discovering their attraction to same sex John Stanley speaks with Jim Wallace, leader of the Australian Christian Lobby who, during a debate on same-sex marriage, has suggested a homosexual "lifestyle" was more hazardous to health than smoking.

Tales of the Secret Hospital in Syria

Should Australians be going to help the fight in Syria Just how tough a situation faces the people of Syria? John Stanley has an incredible chat with Brian Moller, an Aussie nurse who has been working with Medicins Sans Frontierers in the 'secret hospital' in Syria.

Autism diagnosis funding changes

What should children be shown in times of disaster coverage Autism diagnosis is growing and support money for thousands may be scrapped with changes planned over Autism diagnosis rule changes. John Stanley on 23% of those who qualify now may no longer do so.

Icons surviving in the retail slump

Clover Moore's policies driving companies & retail away from CBD Retail sales have slumped as consumers continue to worry about the economy and job security. John Stanley with one iconic local store surviving the retail slump as shoppers hang onto their hard-earned savings.

Cubbie sold to Chinese consortium

Senator Heffernan discusses the sale of Cubbie Station Liberal State Senator Bill Heffernan says the Gillard Government's sale of Cubbie Station to a Chinese-led consortium is a bad deal. He tells John Stanley the company has roots in the Chinese Government.

Tributes flow for Neil Armstrong

Tributes are flowing for the late Neil Armstong US astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon, has died. Tributes are flowing around the world for the "reluctant American hero", the commander of the Apollo 11 mission.

Sour grapes in the Olympic pool?

Are we seeing sour grapes in the pool at the London Olympics? Are we seeing sour grapes in the pool at the London Olympics? While we fumble to find answers to our youth drinking culture, John Stanley looks at the incredible discipline shown by young Chinese swimmers.

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