Are teaching courses below standard?

Are teaching courses below standard?

Teaching standards get a D+

Better Education: Are teaching courses below standard? Should tough new accreditation be introduced in relation to education degrees? George Moore & Paul B. Kidd on making teachers more qualified. More...

Lost Diggers will not be forgotten

Anzac Day: our most sacred of national occasion? Lest We Forget: Remember Me: The Lost Diggers of Vignacourt Exhibition is on at the State Library of NSW from now until 18th January. George Moore and Paul B. Kidd reflect on the sacrifices of Aussies at war. More...

Advance Australia, but to where?

Audit Report: cuts to end spiralling debt? Future Focus: What are the most important issues facing Australia and do you trust our government to do the right thing? George & Paul with insights from Nick Cater Executive Director of the Menzies Research Centre. More...

Bernard Salt: More Decent Obsessions

Bernard Salt on the small things making the bigger picture Small Things: Bernard Salt has a new book called 'More Decent Obsessions' about how it's the small things that tell the big picture? George & Paul with the man who has his finger on the pulse of Australia. More...

Hugh Mackay 'The Art of Belonging'

Suburbia - welcome to Team Australia Community: Hugh Mackay puts forward to George & Paul the theory that a good life is lived at the heart of a thriving community, among people we trust, and within an environment of mutual respect. Hear More...

The spy catchers: a look at ASIO

Stuart Bocking speaks with Former CIA's Chief Legal Officer John Rizzo ASIO Revealed: Only recently has ASIO taken a public face, discussing the war on terror. Now a three volume official history has been released and George & Paul speak with author Professor David Horner. More...

Has the west lost the war on terror?

George & Paul: Has the west lost the war on terror? Terror Battle: Is the west losing the war on terror? If we are jumping at shadows, have the terrorists won? George & Paul with Dr Keith Suter of Global Directions on the latest developments on IS? Hear More...

Early film releases to stop piracy

Beating film piracy with simultaneous releases Paying for Piracy: Village Roadshow plan release major films in Australia simultaneously with the US release date to combat piracy? George Paul reveal piracy is costing the industry millions but the move may help. More…

Sydney property: boom to bust?

Property bubble about to burst? Bubble Burst: Are Australian homes overvalued and what are the signs that we could be facing a property bubble? George & Paul with Lindsay David, author of Australia: Boom to Bust on the property path ahead. More...

Pros & cons of artificial sweeteners

The link between sugar and our soaring obesity rates Sweeteners: If you're trying to reduce the sugar and calories in your diet, you may be turning to artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes. But, Dr Ross reveals, they may not be better than natural sugar? More…

Lonely Planet's East Coast picks

The Loney Planet's top destination picks for NSW and the ACT Holiday Break: Sometimes the best holidays are on our doorstep. Quick getaways let us get out of Sydney and unwind. George & Paul with The Lonely Planet's top destination picks for NSW and the ACT. Hear More...

Career checkups for over 50's

Ageism in the workplace? How do we retain older workers? Career Checkup: There are calls for headhunters to do more about employing those over 50. George & Paul discuss those of us who are over 50 also taking time for a career checkup, and re-training. Hear More...

Ice epidemic gripping Sydney streets

George & Paul with Dr Gordian Fulde on tackling the ice epidemic Ice Epidemic: The ice epidemic gripping Sydney is worse than the heroin scourge which gripped our streets during the 1990's. George & Paul speak with Dr Gordian Fulde about tackling the street epidemic.

US expanding role in Middle East

US expansion of the campaign against ISIS in the Middle East War Looming: US President Barack Obama has signalled an expansion of the campaign against ISIS, which could see Australia drawn into air strikes. George & Paul with Defence Writer Ian McPhedran on looming action.

Tips on value for money holidays

Tips on value for money holidays in Australia Holiday Deals: Why are places like Darwin and Uluru Australia's most expensive holiday destinations? George & Paul discover why, and find a few spots that are value for money to consider for a local holiday.

Sydney housing boom bubbling on

Sydney's housing boom continues to bubble along? Housing Boom: The housing market got off to a huge start for spring with bidders out in force at Sydney auctions. George & Paul with Economist Christopher Joyce on the current boom, are we experiencing a bubble?

Auto obsession at the Powerhouse

Classic cars and auto obsession on at the Powerhouse Powerhouse of Cars: Love your cars and just can't get enough of them? There's an exciting 'Auto Obsession' exhibition on now at the Powerhouse Museum. George & Paul on the machines that are on show.

Captain Arthur Phillip remembered

Remembering Captain Arthur Phillip's contribution to Australia Sydney History: It is 200 years since the death of one of this city, and this nation’s founding fathers. George & Paul on the commemorations of Captain Arthur Phillip. Do enough of us know how important he was?

Sell up, pack up & take off

Holiday time? Come visit Dull, Bland and Boring? Escaping: Ever wanted to simply get out of the rat race? George & Paul on how to live an exciting, comfortable, cheaper life overseas on a temporary or long term basis with Sell up, pack up & take off author Stephen Wyatt.

Is our democracy in decline?

What is the future of the Australian Labor Party? Political Circus: Does our political system work fine the way it currently is? What of the rise of independents and the Senate balance issues? George & Paul with Prof. James Allan with a health check of our democracy.

Targetted online by advertising?

Mindset of a cyber-bully, what makes someone so horrible? Online Issues: Are you being targeted online with advertising and marketing? Is there any way to avoid the spam? George & Paul on online advertising and marketing with Opinion Editor Sarrah Le Marquand.

Shopping strips versus the mall?

Church leaders campaign against public holiday retail trading Malls Versus Strips: Despite the rise of online shopping, we still like to gather together and head out shopping. But, George & Paul ask what do you prefer, the local shopping strip or the huge shopping malls.

Changing face of Sydney suburbia

Revert Sydney suburbs to Aboriginal names? Evolving Sydney: What was Sydney like when you were growing up? Do you recognise the suburbs? George & Paul on the changing face of Sydney and how suburbs such as Lakemba have changed over the years.

The Flu: how to get healthy again

Winter ahead: When is the flu just a cold? Healthy Living: This year the flu season has been a heavy one with a spike in the number of people getting sick. George & Paul with Dr Ross Walker on avoiding getting the flu and how to deal with it if it strikes. What are your tips?

Arnott's: remember the good days?

Arnott’s announced job losses this week Nostalgia: Arnott's announced job losses this week. George & Paul chat with marketing guru Barry Urquhart and look back at some of their nostalgic biscuits such as the Iced Vovo and Venetian. What was your favourite?

Labor's broken promises generation

Spin: How does Labor put behind it the troubles with Thomson? Looking Back: George & Paul speak with Paul Kelly Editor at The Australian about his new book to hit the store shelves, it is called ‘Triumph & Demise’ The Broken Promise of a Labor Generation.

Have we forgotten about manners?

Mobile phone charges - ever suffered from bill shock? Matter of Manners: Have the younger generation forgotten their manners? Have we moved on in modern times, or should we all remember a little etiquette? George & Paul on p's and q's and having good manners.

Default warning on low doc loans

Chinese investors are buying one fifth of new Sydney properties Default Warnings: Are we about to see a wave of home repossessions due to subprime loans being granted to low income earners? George & Paul on the warnings of the wave of defaults on low doc loans about to hit Sydney.

Do you like to buy a little luxury?

Why are items more expensive in Australia than overseas? Touch of Class: George & Paul take a look at consumers who buy luxury brands with marketing guru Barry Urquhart. Who are they and what are the different levels of luxury shopping now available to consumers?

US voices "deep concerns" to Russia

How do we deal with Russian President Putin? US Concerned: US President Barack Obama has told Russia's leader of his "deep concerns" about continuing support for separatists in Ukraine as international experts finally gather more remains at the downed MH17 crash site.

Ebola virus just a plane flight away?

Heathy Living with Dr Ross Walker Sunday nights on 2UE Ebola Crisis: West Africa's Ebola-hit nations have announced a cross-border isolation zone, sealing off the epicentre of the world's worst-ever outbreak. Dr Ross Walker with George & Paul on the threat a flight away.

Creating a culture of narcissism?

The Life of I, the new culture of narcissism? All About Me: Is narcissism on the rise? Is the current generation too focused on their own self entitlement and importance? George & Paul with Anne Manne, author of The Life of I, the new culture of narcissism.

Sydney foreign investment boom

Real Estate in Sydney Overseas Investments: Foreign investment in housing nearly doubled last year, with high approvals for new units and apartments in inner Sydney. George & Paul on tracking the amount of investment heading overseas.

Thrive in a world of too much

Is working 9 to 5 simply a thing of the past? Busy?: We live in a world where we are constantly 'busy', work commitments, family life, technology. It's not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the pace of life. George & Paul ask, does it really have to be that way?

Consumer confidence in decline?

Why are items more expensive in Australia than overseas? Budget Backlash: How has the federal budget announcement impacted on consumer confidence? George & Paul take a look at the declining consumer confidence and those who are doing fine following the belt tightening.

Selling secrets: Be snobby?

Should tariffs be axed on imported cars? Snobbery Marketing? Do snobby sales assistants actually help to sell high-end luxury products? George and Paul speak with the Managing Director of Marketing Focus Barry Urquhart who reveals some secrets to selling.

Are you ready for the NBN rollout?

Would you hire a friend for $60/h? Faster Broadband: How will the NBN rollout affect people who haven't made the switch before copper lines are disconnected. George & Paul with Stephen Fenech on the changes ahead with the incoming NBN broadband.

How will the budget affect spending?

More cuts flagged for the upcoming budget? Budget 2014: Can you believe that coffee is leading the economic recovery? How retail spending has shifted in the past 12 months and what impact the forthcoming federal budget may have on our spending habits.

Time to vaccinate for the flu?

Health experts suggest getting this year's flu shot? Dr Alan Hampson talks with George and Paul about the dangers of influenza and concerns that our young to middle aged Aussies aren't being vaccinated. Are you ready for the flu season? Should you be vaccinated?

Are there dangers in taking statins?

Are there dangers in taking statins? George and Paul speak with Dr Ross Walker from 2UE's Healthy Living program about the recent reports on statins. What are the side effects when taking this medication? Here are a few facts you should be aware of.

Treasurer warns of Budget pain

Pensioners to be targeted in upcoming budget cuts? Treasurer Joe Hockey keeps warning us about the pain coming in the May federal budget. George and Paul speak with Terry McCrann about your hip pocket and just how deep the upcoming budget cuts will be for us all.

Financial advice simply too expensive?

Is getting financial advice simply too expensive? Do you have to spend money to make money? Editor of The Business Spectator, Alan Kohler chats with George and Paul about the costs involved in seeking professional financial advice. Is it worth outlaying the costs?

Are we too dependent on China?

Are we too dependent on China for our success? Can we become the clever country and not just rely on our minerals? How will the recent slump in iron ore prices impact Australia's budget? George and Paul speak with Terry McCrann about our current reliance on China.

Why is Sydney so expensive?

Sydney Is living in Sydney becoming far too costly? From the huge costs of parking, the constant beep of the toll roads, to buying a new home. George & Paul discover just how we compare to the expensive cities of the world.

Will Crimea be engulfed in war?

The West calling for calm in Crimea Wild demonstrations have been held across Ukraine, for-and-against Russia's military involvement in Crimea. George & Paul look back on the history of the region and the path ahead with Keith Suter.

Will reforms affect your credit rating?

What do reforms to Privacy Act mean for your credit record? What do recent reforms to the Privacy Act mean for your credit record if you are late paying your bills? George & Paul discuss with Chief Executive of CPA Australia Alex Malley what your rights are over credit.

Empathy: A Handbook For Revolution

How does empathy allow us to appreciate the world? How does empathy allow us to enhance our relationships and appreciate the world from another person's perspective? George & Paul with Philosopher Roman Krznaric, author of 'Empathy: A Handbook For Revolution'.

Do you keep cash at home?

Why do people still hide their cash at home? Why do people still hide their cash at home and what are the risks? George & Paul speak with Noel Whittaker, author of The Beginners Guide to Wealth. What options do we have other than having money in the bank?

Ken Ring: long range weather forecast

Sydney soaked with rain - can we expect more ahead? As the pollies pledge funding for drought affected farmers, and Sydney finally gets some much needed wet weather, George & Paul catch up with Long Range Weather Forecaster Ken Ring for his predictions.

Local terror camps for Syrian war?

Why are Australians joining the war in Syria? What is compelling people to join the fighting in Syria? George & Paul speak with Greg Sheridan about Australian's killed in the conflict and the growing number of passports cancelled on national security grounds.

Turmoil on emerging markets?

What’s behind the turmoil on emerging financial markets? What's behind the recent turmoil on emerging financial markets? George & Paul on the latest market news and future risks with Satyajit Das, Author of 'Extreme Money - Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk'.

Who owns your digital assets?

How much of your digital assets do you really own? What do you really own in the digital world and what happens to you 'personal items' such as iTunes songs, movies and books when you die? George & Paul on where you stand with the law on personal digital items.

What makes the over 40's tick?

Older couples more happier than the 'Honeymoon Hangovers' If 40 is the new 20, then what are the aspirations of people over 40? George & Paul speaks with social researcher Mark McCrindle about the concerns of those 40 to 65 and their aspirations, what makes them tick?

Dogs: the enduring best friend

Your dog has worked you out! Did you have a dog as a pet that followed you everywhere? George and Paul with author David Darcy on 'Every Man and His Dog' which celebrates the enduring relationship between man and his best friend.

Loyalty programs collect your data?

How much loyalty do you receive from your loyalty cards? Concerned about the amount of data collected on you? George & Paul discuss the use of big data from customer loyalty programs. Should you be concerned? Barry Uquhart on just what big business knows about you.

Has self-serve come at a price?

Police report on an attack of a 65yo shopper at Ashfield Mall Do you prefer self-serve shopping or speaking to the person at the checkout? George & Paul ask if the evolution of technology has finally taken its toll on offering 'the personal touch' in service and business?

Spending up big this Christmas?

Unwanted Christmas gifts: what to do with them? Are people using their credit cards more but spending less? What is the outlook for retailers in the lead-up to Christmas? George & Paul with Financial Commentator Noel Whittaker discuss spending this Christmas.

Secrets of real estate revealed?

Australians are now saving more than spending, but why? We all have to deal with real estate agents, buying, selling or renting property. But what's behind the handshakes and smiles? George & Paul on the book Real Estate Uncovered with author Peter O'Malley.

Finding fault in the true stories?

Remember the old time movie cinemas or yesteryear? Hollywood studios are hiring historians to find flaws in films that are based on a true story. Do we really need such accuracy in our flicks? George & Paul on the fantasy world of film, and what is a true story?

The lost art of discipline?

Mona Vale park the scene of a teenage fight club style gathering Have we treated a whole generation too well that the art of discipline has been lost? George & Paul on discipline in our schools, and whether we lost discipline with the upcoming generation of our youth?

Tips on losing weight for summer

Tips to lose weight for the summer season ahead How do you stop your body's 'famine reaction' when you're trying to lose weight? George & Paul look at the battle of the bulge with tips for your success at losing weight with nutritionist Amanda Salis.

World Heart Day: how's yours?

Dr Ross Walker: heart attacks can also be a painless killer How is your heart health? Why are you at more risk now than in 2005 if you suffer a heart attack outside of hospital? George & Paul discuss the rise in heart attacks, what should you do when you feel chest pains?

What do our pets teach us?

Taskforce recommends reforms for dog breeding industry Does your pet seem like a wise soul? Veterinarian and Author Dr Michael Archinal speaks to George and Paul about a new book called 'Animal Wisdom' featuring stories about what animals can teach us.

Switching on the wi-fi in flight

Do you have to wear a uniform for where you work? Could we soon be able to use wi-fi enabled devices during commercial flights in Australia? George and Paul look at the safety of turning on our mobile phones and iPads while taking off and landing in flight.

Climate change: Earth is not dying?

Hands out from Pacific Islands over Climate Change You'll be happy to know that the Earth is not coming to an end. Professor Bob Carter speaks to George and Paul about the recent revelations about climate change. Just how much of the science is political?

Early retirement thing of the past?

Older workers: how business is waking up to their experience Is retiring at 55 a thing of the past? George and Paul speak Dr John Piggott from the University of New South Wales about when is the right time for you these days to consider making the move into retirement.

Where to for Sydney's future?

Mortgage stress hitting Sydney's outer suburbia How will Sydney cope with the population growth and our aging population? George & Paul speak with Professor Peter Phibbs from University of Sydney about our expanding suburbs & ageing needs.

Overseas challenges facing Abbott?

PM says Abbott was 'cowardly' on international stage Tony Abbott was straight to work after his election as PM. Foreign Editor of The Australian Greg Sheridan talks with George and Paul about what challenges will face the new Abbott government internationally.

Hot Summer ahead for Sydney?

Surf clubs under threat from rising sea levels? Will a wet Spring bring a long and humid Summer? Long range forecaster Ken Ring speaks with George and Paul about what Sydney can expect during the Spring months as we head closer towards Summer.

Will Consumer confidence return?

We are spending more than we are earning? What is the outlook for Australia's consumer confidence and service sector? George & Paul with Associate Editor of The Eureka Report Ian Verrender on consumer confidence returning under the Coalition.

Tips on how to improve your memory

Is nutrition the key to maintaining a healthy brain? Constantly forget where you left the keys to the car? George and Paul discuss ways to improve your memory with 3 times Australian memory champion Tansel Ali. Here are some tips to improve your memory.

Aussies show courage during wartime

The story of Gallipoli as we remember Anzac Day Want to hear some brave war stories? George & Paul author Ian McPhedran who has released a new book called 'Too Bold To Die' which looks at the remarkable acts of courage by our Australian Defence heroes.

Connected, but we're still so lonely?

Legal Matters with Tom Shaw Sunday nights on 2UE 954 Social media has us all in contact 24/7. Are we more lonely than ever before? George & Paul speak with Stephanie Wood of the SMH on the loneliness epidemic caused by reduced social personal interaction.

How the world views our politics?

Parliament House Canberra George and Paul discuss the way our national politics is viewed on the global stage with Nick Cater, Author of 'The Lucky Culture'. Do we punch above our weight, or are we kidding ourselves we are taken seriously?

Financial challenges post election?

Shares plunge overnight as warnings of recession return Rates are on hold, but International Editor of SMH Peter Hartcher speaks with George and Paul about the global financial challenges that will have an impact on the incoming government post the federal election.

Achieve your goals before 2013 ends

The battle of the bulge and women facing menopause Have you found yourself now in August and wondering where the year has gone? George and Paul speak to David Penglase about how you can still achieve your goals for 2013 before the end of the year.

Picking a leader by body language?

How body language can help you in the workplace! Can you tell a leader by their body language? Expert Allan Pease with George & Paul on the body language displayed by Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott during the federal election campaign and leadership debates.

Emergency: beware of falls

Emergency department A recent report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that 39% of hospitalised injury is from people who've suffered a fall. Dr Ross Walker from Healthy Living speaks to George & Paul.

Labor economic outlook far fetched?

David Oldfield: welfare states and their imploding economies The federal government's Pre Election Economic Fiscal Outlook is fancifully optimistic, far fetched and naive according to Judith Sloane of The Australian. George & Paul on the state of our economy.

Bake Off's Queen of Cake on 2UE

‘Queen of Cake’ Kerry Vincent with George & Paul on 2UE Don't be messing around when baking with this girl! George & Paul speak with the 'Queen of Cake' Kerry Vincent about her role as the straight talking judge on The Great Australian Bake Off on Nine.

Bushranger lives on in legend?

Captain Moonlite was a notorious Australian bushranger Captain Moonlite was a notorious Australian bushranger who was hanged in 1880 aged 35. But what about the man behind the legend? George & Paul look at the new book In Search of Captain Moonlite.

300kms driven asleep at the wheel?

Are distractions drifting drivers into disaster? How could anyone drive 300 kilometers asleep at the wheel? George & Paul look at sleepwalking and the intriguing story of one woman ending up hundreds of kilometers away from home after sleeping.

Police bikie clubhouse crackdown

Bikies and their colours banned from Kings Cross venues Police shut down 3 bikie clubhouses this week, in a bid to curb escalating gang crime, drive-by shootings and illegal sale of alcohol. George & Paul discuss the on-going gang related gun violence in Sydney.

Overwhelmed by paradox of choice?

Red tape out of control for Australia's retailers? We live in a country, free to make money and spend the way we like. We are a consumer society. George & Paul ask, what of the Paradox of Choice, how does too much choice affect consumer behaviour?

Smile, life's what you make?

Are children exploiting grandparents over child care? Is life all about how we view things? What of people who suffer but smile? Dr Michael Carr-Gregg talks to George and Paul about psychological resilience and how some people succeed despite adversity.

Rudd's dangerous game of bluff?

Kevin Rudd under fire over his Kokoda Track comments in PNG Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor of The Australian, talks to George and Paul about Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Papua New Guinea agenda for asylum seekers and how his plan is a dangerous game of bluff.

How safe are your credit cards?

Opportunism creeping in with Eftpos and credit card use Are your credit cards safe? George and Paul speak to Dr Russell Smith, Principal Criminologist with the Australian Institute of Criminology about credit card fraud and measures to help combat the problem.

Neil Jenman: Help for Homesellers

Australians are now saving more than spending, but why? Neil Jenman is a real estate consumer advocate and speaks to George and Paul about his new book ‘Help for Home Sellers’. He gives a few of his tips that may well be to your advantage when selling your home.

Aussie slang: state by state?

The debate over multiculturalism continues Our cities may be far away from each other, but do areas of the great southern land have accents? George and Paul & social researcher Mark McCrindle about Australian slang and how it varies state to state.

How to be a Legend Husband?

Apple launch the latest iPhone but is it worth the upgrade? George and Paul speak to Pastor Mark Reilly about a really great new app he has developed called 'The Legend Husband' to help men remember special dates and details that relate to their relationship.

What bugs you about travelling?

Jetstar again questioned over the treatment of passengers What gets under your skin when you're a passenger on a flight? David Flynn, Editor of Australian Business Traveller speaks with George and Paul about the many bugbears of the travelling public. Have Your Say!

Bernard Salt: Decent Obsession

How body language can help you in the workplace! George & Paul speak with demographer Bernard Salt, who has a new book called 'Decent Obsessions' looking at why it is okay to sweat the small stuff. Bernard speaks about his rollicking obsession with manners.

America, still the beautiful?

Michael Smith on the banning of a Diamond Rio tune in US School Mark Day gives George and Paul his observations on the United States following his recent visit. Everything from American TV to America's diminishing freedoms. Is Australia following closely behind?

Turbulent time on the stockmarket

Is Wayne Swan the world's greatest treasurer? Have your say! It's been a turbulent time on the stock market recently. George and Paul speak with Ian Verrender about the impact of Glenn Steven's comments about the RBA's deliberations on holding interest rates.

What makes for a good workplace?

Australian workers under enormous stress and difficulty? BRW have released the details of the Top 50 Employers. What can businesses do to retain their staff and keep them engaged in their workplace? George & Paul on what to do to make your workplace happy.

Syrian war drags on as world watches

Should Australians be going to help the fight in Syria George and Paul speak with Dr Keith Suter on the situation in Syria. Syrian rebels say they have recently received new weapons that could change the course of the battle against the current Syrian regime.

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