Need to motivate your staff members?

Need to motivate your staff members?

Need some motivation at work?

Motivation: So you run a business and you struggle with underperforming staff, or you struggle with motivation yourself, what can you do? Stuart Bocking with Keiren Flanagan of the Impossible Institute. Find More...

Unemployment figures on the rise?

Unemployment figures are on the rise? Unemployment Rates: The unemployment figures show a lift but are the numbers already rendered irrelevant? Stuart Bocking reveals how the ABS has all but admitted its survey methodology is flawed. Find Out More...

Lending practices under question

Australians are hoarding $10b Economic Stability: The RBA has warned that the mortgage market might be unbalanced, potentially risking our economic stability. Stuart Bocking looks at what is the current state of lending practices? More...

Hockey to backdate mining tax

Audit Report: cuts to end spiralling debt? Tax Return: Joe Hockey will backdate the abolition of the mining tax, forcing a reassessment of some tax returns. Stuart Bocking on the confusion, complexity, and expense for thousands of small businesses. Read More...

Rewards cards losing you money?

What do reforms to Privacy Act mean for your credit record? Rewards Cards: How often do you use rewards cards to shop? Are they too good to be true? Stuart Bocking on the Mozo Research that shows that one in four rewards cards on the market are actually losing you money.

David Jones to target younger crowd

Are we set to lose another Aussie icon overseas? New DJs Owners: With all the talk of online shopping, do you still like to browse in store? What do the new owners of DJs need to do to bring customers back into the store? Stuart Bocking on returning to retail.

Bills to drop after carbon tax repeal?

Justin Smith & Treasurer Mike Baird on power prices? Carbon Tax Return: Energy companies are advising customers their bills will come down following the repeal of the carbon tax. Electricity will, but Gas might not. Stuart Bocking on the savings you can expect in coming bills.

Tapping into the Chinese tourist

Garry Linnell on Badgery's Creek as our second Sydney airport? Chinese Tourism: Stuart Bocking discusses Tourism Australia building an elite network of specialist travel agents that will sell high quality Australian holiday packages to China's rapidly growing middle classes.

Is this the future of retail?

Why are items more expensive in Australia than overseas? Retail Evolution: Has the future of retailing been unveiled by a new app that shows the way shopping is evolving. With stores fighting online, here's an app changing the way many people will purchase their clothes.

Carbon tax scrap won't drop prices

Coles caught misleading customers on fresh bread Prices Remain: Qantas, Virgin and Woolworths have all admitted their prices won't go down as a result of the carbon tax being scrapped. Stuart Bocking on claims it's because they never put up prices in the first place.

How much overtime do you do?

Employ more Gen Y workers? Overtime Issues: Is there a problem with staff retention because employers expect unreasonable overtime? Stuart Bocking with Margaret Harrison, of Our HR Company on staff retention & doing more with less these days.

Tobacco sales on the decline

Tobacco sales are on the decline despite news otherwise Tobacco: Has plain packaging worked? Despite recent headlines stating otherwise, tobacco sales are on the decline. Stuart Bocking on treasury figures that show tobacco use is down, but is it due to plain packaging?

Why negativity about our economy?

Australia's top 10 economic reforms? Economic Powerhouse: Why is there so much negativity surrounding the Australian economy? Stuart Bocking speaks with HSBC Chief Economist Paul Bloxham who reveals just how well our economy is travelling.

Beware low rates & high bank fees

Foreigners get 1st home owner grant? Beware Bank Fees on Loans: Interest rates might be low, but be warned about hidden bank fees. Stuart Bocking reveals the hidden charges that you may be slugged with when you sign up, charging you a small fortune.

New perspective on energy needs

Searching for a new perspective on energy needs What is the future for our energy needs? Are you someone who uses solar, or alternative sources? Stuart Bocking on a new perspective with Heather Zichal, former White House advisor on energy and climate change.

Consumers vote with their wallets

Church leaders campaign against public holiday retail trading Consumer Confidence Down: Retailers are concerned by new consumer confidence figures, showing the sharpest drop in sentiment since the Global Financial Crisis. Confidence has dropped 3.2% since the budget.

Mums discriminated against at work?

Why is breast feeding in public still an issue? Half of all Australian mothers say they have experienced discrimination in the workplace according to a new report. Stuart Bocking on women finding discrimination at work at all stages of motherhood.

SPC Ardmona boss Peter Kelly

Should we use taxpayer funds to bailout SPC Ardmona? Stuart Bocking speaks with SPC Ardmona boss Peter Kelly regarding the locally operated Victorian company, seeking help to stay functioning in the area, and how sales have increased 50% over the past week.

Make childcare costs tax deductible?

Should childcare costs be made tax deductible? Should all child care costs be tax deductible to help entice valuable workers back into employment? It is an idea being floated by the Tax Institute as Stuart Bocking outlines the latest proposal to help working parents.

Australia's top 10 economic reforms?

Australia's top 10 economic reforms? Floating the dollar, the GST, just some of the economic reforms we have seen over recent decades. Stuart Bocking with Ross Gittins on the top 10 economic reforms that transformed Australia in the past 40 years.

Business opportunity predictions?

Stuart Bocking on business opportunities ahead? As we head into the year, what are some of the changes to business we are seeing and can expect to see, the opportunities? Stuart Bocking with Futurist Ross Dawson regarded globally for his business predictions.

Overhaul for childcare assistance?

Time for an overhaul of childcare assistance? Many women look forward to returning to work, but do we need an overhaul of how childcare assistance is handed out. Stuart Bocking on the little financial difference for mums to pick up work due to childcare costs.

Should SPC get $25m in assistance?

Should SPC Ardmona receive $25 million in government assistance? Should SPC Ardmona receive $25 million in government assistance? Should the government bailout businesses because they are Australian? Stuart Bocking looks at recent company bailouts with taxpayer money.

Should penalty rates be scrapped?

Your Business Day: Should penalty rates be scrapped? Should penalty rates be scrapped for restaurants and cafes? Stuart Bocking on the long weekend now becoming a disincentive to open for business, and the penalty rates pushing the costs up for the customers.

Time to fix your mortgage rates?

Is this the best time to fix your mortgage rates? Should you fix your mortgage rate? Are rates only going to go up from here, and what are the best rates that are around? Stuart Bocking on Your Business Day takes a look at securing your home loan at the current low rates.

Paul Clitheroe on Superannuation

Paul Clitheroe on controlling your own superannuation Money doesn't come easy, so you need to be ahead of the pack to stay on top of your finances. Stuart Bocking catches up with Australia's leading money expert Paul Clitheroe on his new book that could save you money.

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