Women finding discrimination at all stages of motherhood?

Women finding discrimination at all stages of motherhood?

Mums discriminated against at work?

Half of all Australian mothers say they have experienced discrimination in the workplace according to a new report. Stuart Bocking on women finding discrimination at work at all stages of motherhood.

New perspective on energy needs

Searching for a new perspective on energy needs What is the future for our energy needs? Are you someone who uses solar, or alternative sources? Stuart Bocking on a new perspective with Heather Zichal, former White House advisor on energy and climate change.

SPC Ardmona boss Peter Kelly

Should we use taxpayer funds to bailout SPC Ardmona? Stuart Bocking speaks with SPC Ardmona boss Peter Kelly regarding the locally operated Victorian company, seeking help to stay functioning in the area, and how sales have increased 50% over the past week.

Make childcare costs tax deductible?

Should childcare costs be made tax deductible? Should all child care costs be tax deductible to help entice valuable workers back into employment? It is an idea being floated by the Tax Institute as Stuart Bocking outlines the latest proposal to help working parents.

Australia's top 10 economic reforms?

Australia's top 10 economic reforms? Floating the dollar, the GST, just some of the economic reforms we have seen over recent decades. Stuart Bocking with Ross Gittins on the top 10 economic reforms that transformed Australia in the past 40 years.

Business opportunity predictions?

Stuart Bocking on business opportunities ahead? As we head into the year, what are some of the changes to business we are seeing and can expect to see, the opportunities? Stuart Bocking with Futurist Ross Dawson regarded globally for his business predictions.

Overhaul for childcare assistance?

Time for an overhaul of childcare assistance? Many women look forward to returning to work, but do we need an overhaul of how childcare assistance is handed out. Stuart Bocking on the little financial difference for mums to pick up work due to childcare costs.

Should SPC get $25m in assistance?

Should SPC Ardmona receive $25 million in government assistance? Should SPC Ardmona receive $25 million in government assistance? Should the government bailout businesses because they are Australian? Stuart Bocking looks at recent company bailouts with taxpayer money.

Should penalty rates be scrapped?

Your Business Day: Should penalty rates be scrapped? Should penalty rates be scrapped for restaurants and cafes? Stuart Bocking on the long weekend now becoming a disincentive to open for business, and the penalty rates pushing the costs up for the customers.

Time to fix your mortgage rates?

Is this the best time to fix your mortgage rates? Should you fix your mortgage rate? Are rates only going to go up from here, and what are the best rates that are around? Stuart Bocking on Your Business Day takes a look at securing your home loan at the current low rates.

Paul Clitheroe on Superannuation

Paul Clitheroe on controlling your own superannuation Money doesn't come easy, so you need to be ahead of the pack to stay on top of your finances. Stuart Bocking catches up with Australia's leading money expert Paul Clitheroe on his new book that could save you money.

Need to save on holiday dollars?

Holiday at home and help with the local economy? Getting a break over the festive season? Now more than ever planning your journey has never been easier with websites and apps. John Stanley looks at the various ways you can plan to get away on holidays this year.

Secret recordings: are they legal?

Secret recordings: how legal are they in the workplace? Can you legally record your conversations with management? You may be surprised to find that a breach of trust occurs if either party records in secret. John Stanley on secret recordings and workplace misconduct.

Considered outsourcing your job?

How many hours do you work a week? What is your time really worth? Have you ever considered outsourcing your work, and how many jobs can you successfully outsource? John Stanley on an interesting trend in the very busy modern work place.

Email etiquette reveals who you are

Older Australians are taking to the internet and social media The way you deal with people via email can tell a lot about you and your business. Understanding email etiquette is becoming an important communication skill. John Stanley on modern digital protocols.

How to tell the boss he's wrong?

Older workers versus younger workers: experience & maturity wins? How do you approach the boss when you know something is wrong? Do they listen? In an ideal world we'd have an open ended workplace. John Stanley on focus reviews, and times when the emperor has no clothes.

Brand loyalty & valued customers

Red tape out of control for Australia's retailers? In increasingly tighter times, brand loyalty is becoming the most important business tactic for organisations, both large and small. John Stanley on understanding how brand loyalty is creating valued customers.

The Money Diary with Paul Clitheroe

Getting the right amount of tax deductions this year John Stanley is looking at the Money Diary with Paul Clitheroe and you can follow along with the programme with the Money Smart Budget Planner. Click here for the tools you need to track your weekly spending.

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